Fast Facts

Map SW Ontario Population and Markets

  • South Central Ontario Region is comprised of five counties and 28 local municipalities
  • Brant, Bayham, Middlesex, Norfolk and Oxford Counties
  • Is home to 490,000+ residents
  • 30% lower corporate tax rate than U.S. average
  • 50% lower employer health care costs
  • Exchange on Canadian dollar contributes up to 25% added cost advantage
  • 234 km of Lake Erie Shoreline
  • Among the mildest climates in Canada

Resources and Education

  • The region is home to diverse primary crop production. The area has grown strong
    agriculture and food opportunities.
  • The area is also home to many types of advanced manufacturing.
  • We have a strong network of post-secondary institutions in our borders and nearby

Communities and Living

  • About 80% of the population lives in urban centres with populations between 30,000
    and 300,000. The remaining 20% live in beautiful historic rural towns and villages.
  • About 65% of the adult population has some college or university education.
  • Transportation is well served by road networks with 3 major highways that move
    people and freight across the Province as well as into the US markets
  • The region is served by two trans-continental railway systems serving Canada with
    inter-connections to the US market